Laurent Nivalle Photography: Le Mans Classic 2010

laurent nivalle

The Le Mans Classic is a biennial vintage sports car event held near the town of Le Mans, France. Art director & photographer Laurent Nivalle has captured this experience in awesome detail. You can see his complete collection of images here.

If this gets you excited, I also recommend Saul Bass’s opening titles for the the 1966 film Grand Prix.


Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes, art, painting, Portland

Sprout (2005)

Remarkably eerie, yet beautiful painting by Portland based artist Josh Keyes. Keyes depicts a multi-faceted landscape where the creatures are left to adapt to new and often unsustainable environments.


KHUAN + KTRON for Weekend Knack Mag­a­zine

khuan + ktron

Amazing illustration work by the uber-talented folks at KHUAN + KTRON. The Belgian based design firm was commissioned by Weekend Knack Magazine to create a series of weekly covers. You can see the first five here.


Travis Cain

grain edit / travis cain

Travis Cain is a man of many talents. In a time where we seem to be flooded with posters and poster designers, it’s nice to see a range of work that’s more unique and imaginative. Travis’s portfolio doesn’t feel like a one-hit wonder, but instead feels considered piece by piece.


Q & A with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes

jason munn

The Small Stakes Music Posters by Jason Munn ©2010

Not too long ago we asked you, the readers, for questions to pass along to Jason Munn regarding his recent book published by Chronicle. In today’s Q + A session he shares his answers to some of the questions we received.


Iv Orlov

iv orlov, illustration, russia

Summer is here, and tis’ the season for road trips! This illustration, created by Russian illustrator Iv Orlov, depicts some folks out for an evening drive along a line of colorful trees. Entitled “Night Rio,” this piece uses combines cool blues and greens with bright corals and yellows for a nice tropical feeling. Orlov uses some great shapes throughout this piece, evident in the various cars and leaves of the trees.


Allan Peters

grain edit / allan peters

And then, all of sudden, a new tricycle was born!

So it goes in this fun, whimsical 2-color print by Allan Peters, a Minneapolis based art director. Allan’s print work is bold and engaging, with a strong emphasis on identity and typography. I feel that his work is elevated through the attention to detail and unique typographic choices.


Blexbolex: Illustration

blexbolex, nobrow, dogcrime, illustration

French illustrator Blexbolex is killing it with the illustrations for his latest book Dog Crime, published by Nobrow Press . Inspired by whodunit films from the ’50s and ’60s, Dog Crime is about a man running for his life as he’s entangled in a heated conspiracy. Printed using three spot colors, Blexbolex’s illustrations are bright and punchy as they use an array of overlaid forms.


Sebastiaan Bremer

sebastiaan bremer

New work from NY based artist Sebastiaan Bremer. I’m in love with the found photos he used for the project.


Script and Seal posters

script and seal

Script & Seal, the amazing Portland-based duo of Liz Meyer and Gavin Potenza, created these wonderful posters for a cycling feature in the Portland Mercury.