Isaac Tobin

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Fantastic book covers from Isaac Tobin, a senior designer for Chicago Press. His work is striking and sophisticated, while maintaining a clean minimalism. The covers I think, are also successful in representing the message or idea of each piece.


Rogerio Duarte and the Tropicalia Movement

davone ray speakers

Recent exhibition of Rogerio Duarte’s work at the Narrows Gallery.

Rogerio Duarte is a Brazilian graphic designer, musician, poet and philosopher. He is also considered to be one of the founding fathers and the main intellectual force behind the Tropicalia movement in the late 1960s. During this period he designed album covers for many of the great names of Brazilian popular music, such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, João Gilberto and Jorge Ben. If you have access to idea magazine, I recommend picking up the March issue (#339). It features a 24 page article on Duarte and includes a nice selection of his work.


Aurélie Guillerey: Illustration

Aurelie Guillerey, illustration, France, French Illustration

Summer is officially here, and what better way to spend it than a day at the beach!

This illustration, created by French illustrator Aurélie Guillerey, depicts just that with its cast of characters enjoying a day of fun in the sun. The composition is balanced as it focuses on kids making a pretty awesome sand fort while having other people enjoying outdoor activities in the background. The use of color is cheerful with the perfect amount of textures to highlight small details. Let’s go fly a kite!


Davone Ray Speakers

davone ray speakers

If you have $6000 just laying around you can pick yourself up a pair of these Davone Ray speakers. While your at it, pick me up a pair too (Hey, with $6000 on hand, you’re probably not worried about your cash flow). I have to admit, i’m a sucker for anything with a walnut veneer and this thing looks like an Eames chair with a woofer stuffed inside. I don’t know much about the high end audio market, but I hope for $6000 you’re getting more than something pretty to look at.


Rose Blake: Illustration

Rose Blake illustration, screenprint, London, UK, Beatles

London Based illustrator, Rose Blake, is one of my favorite illustrators at the moment. This print, entitled Annus Mirabalis, playfully illustrates the first stanza of the poem “Annus Mirabalis” (Latin for “Wonderful Year”) by Philip Larkin. Rose successfully sandwiches two ambiguous love making figures between the Chatterly ban and the Beatles’ first LP, creating a striking and awkwardly funny image. Her use of color is delightful with the poppy orange as a nice contrast to the dark plum and light blue tones.


Matthias Heiderich: Photos of Berlin and Beyond

matthias heiderich

I’m absolutely in love with these photos by Berlin based photographer Matthias Heiderich.


Richard Perez Guests at Friends of Type

richard perez

Great series of guest posts by Richard Perez over at Friends of Type.


Matt Stevens: Nike Air-Max-A-Day Illustrations

nike air max a day


Charlotte based designer Matt Stevens recently started a personal project to reinterpret the classic Nike Air Max once a day for a whole month. Along the way he created a series that pays tribute to his favorite illustrators and designers including: Frank Chimero, Mikey Burton, Invisible Creature, Jessica Hische, Michael Schwab, Aaron Draplin and others. Matt absolutely nails it. Without looking at the title of the piece you can easily guess who’s design/ illustration style he’s attempting to capture. It’s Sole good Y’all! (sorry) See the the complete Air Max Gallery here.


Draplin BP Logo Redesign

draplin bp logo

Draplin takes on the BP (British Petroleum) logo with some quick redesigns.

I can’t watch the news now. I’m in shock every time I see footage of the Gulf. When is BP going to contain this mess?


Toby Thane Neighbors: Illustration

Toby Thane Neighbors, illustration, Texas, US, hepcat ink

Every line counts for Texas based illustrator and artist Toby Thane Neighbors. Created as part of the Story Motel group show at the Owl & Lion Gallery, this illustration successfully weaves warm tones and detailed lines to transport us to the old frontier. Neighbors has a nice way of cataloging objects in his works, and this piece is no exception with its bag of bullets, feather, and hungry badger at the heels of the pensive gamekeeper. (more…)