Esteve Padilla

I was recently introduced to Esteve Padilla’s work and am really impressed with his ability to create interesting grids, while maintaining readable and clear type. Usually, I gravitate towards some crazy and/or experimental typography, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for a designer who knows how to use traditional typography to create beautiful layouts and publications. While Esteve seems to have conquered the difficult task of forming grids, his newest work (a font called “Nowadays”) has a touch of a old-style sign painting aesthetic.

I’m really interested to see where Esteve takes his work, he definitely seems to be a designer to watch for in the future. (more…)


Voidwreck, typography, Netherlands

Voidwreck is the collaborative studio of Amsterdam residents Karl Nawrot & Walter Warton. Karl is a graduate of the Werkplaats Typografie, which is considered by some to be the holy grail of typography programs in the world.

As an experimental studio, Voidwreck constantly explore different mediums to develop shape and pattern. The same can be said of their typography, which I think embodies the word ‘modernism’—embracing the new while drawing on geometrical sans serifs as inspiration.


Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada is a graphic designer who lives & works in Australia. I first discovered Jonathan on flickr, and was completely taken by his collection of amazingly rendered pencil drawings. Over the years he has made his way into the world of hand-drawn typography, implementing his style into branding, editorial illustrations and major campaigns for incredible clients. His very polished but still whimsical style really stands out, and I’m excited to see how his art evolves in years to come.


And we have a winner…

Congratulations to Anne from Oakland! She is the lucky winner of our Book Design of Graphic Designers in Japan book giveaway. Last night we randomly pulled her name from a bright orange trash can. Thanks to everyone for entering our drawing.

Be on the look out for our next giveaway.

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