Argentina 78′ FIFA World cup poster


The 1978 World Cup was held in Argentina between June 1 and June 25. Argentina would go on to beat the Netherlands 3-1. The men in this poster seem to be celebrating victory, but this seemingly innocent poster has a very dark story to tell.

Argentina had suffered a military coup only two years before the cup and was in the middle of a dirty war against left wing sympathizers. Up to 30,000 people “disappeared” during this time. These events coincided with a campaign of political repression involving dictators from other South American countries dubbed “operation condor“. Thousands of people were tortured and many lost their lives.

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Aesthetic Apparatus Updates!

Woot! Aesthetic Apparatus is a member of my weekly design web site “do they have any new work up yet?” visiting rituals. So I was happy to find not only new work, but a new web site too! There are plenty of new posters, some new test prints, and if you have not yet seen their “doom” series, it’s worth a look. Very fun.

You can scream along with Dan and Michael on YouTube as they show you how to silkscreen a poster.
Coudal has a nice interview with Aesthetic Apparatus as well.

Update on Hans Hartmann

The Hats off to Hans Hartmann post has been updated.
Thanks to Felix and Thierry for the additional information.

Giant albino bird gets stuck on the Toronto Needle

Sticker for Bundesgartenschau Stuttgart – 1961

The post earlier today was inspired by a sticker (seen above) I found over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to make of this sticker when I first saw it. It looks like a giant albino bird sitting on top of the Toronto Needle. After researching the event (Bundesgartenschau) I now believe its an illustration of a weathervane. Since Bundesgartenschau is a garden/ landscaping show it would make sense that the bird’s tail feathers are flowers.

Visit the previous post (Get your Bundesgartenschau on!) for more information regarding this garden show and the graphics behind it.

Get your Bundesgartenschau on!

Bundesgartenschau is a biannual Federal horticulture show in Germany. It has been in existence since 1951. Every 2 years they switch locations within Germany. So far the event has been held in Hamburg, Koln and Hannover amongst other cities. The logo above was created for the 1975 exhibition in Mannheim.

The DBG website contains photos and information of all the Bundesgatrenschau shows. Highlights include the Hamburg 1973 poster (Man with a slinky as a beard riding a tugboat across a sea of flowers..say what?) and the 1957 show poster designed by Herbert Leupin.

J.A. Grose : Designer

German designer J.A. Grose for Standard Elektrik Lorenz 1959

Ladislav Sutnar exhibition


The Czech center in New York is currently running an exhibition entitled, LADISLAV SUTNAR: MODERN, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL. The Exhibition feature’s 25 of Sutnar’s works and will run through Jan 8, 2008. For more information please visit the Czech Center’s website

Plakat Schriften – type specimens

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Plakat Schriften – Type specimen catalog -produced by by D stempel AG. foundry Frankfurt, Germany. This is one of the better catalogs I’ve come across. Huge Specimen samples and Bold color. Includes examples of Helvetica, Sistina, Schmalfette Binder style, Enge Fette Plak, Schmalfette Memphis, Kraftige Balzac, Halbfette Elan and Ziffern. Theres not date listed but it must be around the early 60s since Helvetica was created in 1957.

La Rinascente poster 1974

Super rad skiing poster by E. Mariani for La Rinascente. Hundreds of colored vertical arrows make up the image.Year of creation 1974. Everytime I see this poster it makes me think of the White Stripes video with the legos.